Membership dues are $15/year but, visitors are always welcome! See our Schedule.

Utah Military Vehicle Club

A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of antique military vehicles and the developing of friendships and brother hood within the club.

The Utah Military Vehicle Club (UMVC) was organized in 1978 by 3 friends who had a common interest in the restoration of military vehicles. Ten people joined the club right away and monthly meetings were planned with a few socials to enhance friendships and brotherhood. Presently the club has 52 members who have approximately 120 vehicles.

Members are encourage to assist each other in finding parts and vehicles. We encourage family participation.

Membership dues are $15/year – but visitors are always welcome!

NOTE: The next meeting (last Thursday of the month) may or may not happen depending on any restrictions put in place by the State. As of 21 Jan 2021, the museum (club meeting location) will be closed until Salt Lake City goes to code “Yellow” during the COVID 19 pandemic.